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Thursday, November 3, 2022

ABLS Instructor Course


ABLS Provider Course​

  • NOTE: ABLS Provider course WILL NOT be offered at NRBC this year.  Please consult the ABA website at for a list of scheduled courses to attend.


Rehabilitation Course

Innovation and creativity in the management of patients following a burn injury is the hallmark of a burn therapist.  Utilizing existing therapeutic knowledge of anatomy and function, then blending those skills with engineering and physics, burn therapists create some of the most inventive solutions to the challenges we are presented with in the managing edema, scar and muscle contracture, loss of strength and function following a burn. 


This workshop will focus on development of these creative skills, as well as demonstration of some innovative solutions already in use. Through a combination of didactic lecture and hands on learning, we will provide education on common static and dynamic splinting, scar management, and innovative burn rehabilitation solutions.  This workshop will cover several problem areas for our burn patients, including positioning, progression of function, and scar management through the use of innovative devices and materials for burns to the face, neck, UE’s, and LE’s.  Additionally, we will discuss getting buy in from the patient, caregivers, and nursing staff to ensure follow through and compliance with therapeutic interventions. 



Short Lecture (20-30 minutes) followed by breakout to fabricate/practice/hands on/collegial discussion

Body Areas and Lecture topics:

  • Face/Neck:

    • Mouth splinting/stretching

    • Neck splinting

    • Exercise and stretching

    • Image enhancement and social reintegration preparation

  • UE:

    • Rotating Elbow extension splint; elbow casting

    • Basic hand splints

    • Coban/pressure wrapping

  • LE :

    • Position/splinting –passive

  • Patient, caregiver, and Nursing staff buy in:

    • How do we ensure carryover of positioning as well as application and use of splints

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